Common Repairs Prone to Mercedes

What are Common Mercedes Benz Repair Problems?

Common Mercedes Repair Problems

Mercedes Benz is known for making beautiful, high-performance luxury vehicles. Still, they are also prone to specific repair issues you should consider before choosing a Mercedes as your next vehicle. It's essential you keep these problems in mind as they will likely come into play at some point in the life of your Mercedes.

Cracked Thrust Link Bushings

Thrust link bushings are rubber cylinders filled with hydraulic fluid. They're part of the front suspension and are vital to the vehicle's performance. It can be disastrous if these bushings are damaged. While you may encounter circumstances as you drive your Mercedes that can damage the thrust link bushings, they are also prone to crack unexpectedly on their own. This failure can lead to hydraulic fluid spilling into the car and a rough ride with potential tire wear.

Engine Misfires

Generally, engine misfires are a symptom of worn-out spark plugs or wires that are a regular part of your vehicle's life cycle. Most importantly, you won't see these problems in a vehicle until well past the 100,000-mile mark. But with some Mercedes models, drivers are experiencing engine misfires far sooner than the 100,000-mile mark. The fix for this problem is relatively easy, take your Mercedes in for repair and have the spark plugs replaced. The problem is that Mercedes owners seem to have this service done far sooner than drivers of other vehicles.

Oil Leaks

Mercedes changed their vehicle's transmissions after 1995. They switched to an electronic transmission system. While this system is good for the vehicle's performance, it brought an unexpected problem. It can lead to a graphite build-up caused by an oil leak. In turn, that same delicate electronic transmission is susceptible to major issues caused by that oil leak.

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